Ethiopian Escapades – Day 2 – Feeding the Beast (Harar)

The scavenger, salivating at the scent of raw flesh, crept closer. Without apprehension, I inserted a short stick into my mouth and placed a sliver of raw meat at the end. Eager to satisfy its appetite for blood, the creature edged closer. Its stench was overwhelming. An ungodly blend of burning garbage and rotting carcasses pervaded my nostrils. The beast unlatched its jaws and devoured the piece of meat. At that moment, I looked the devil directly in its eyes and felt a sense of awe at not only its sheer ferociousness, but also its self-control. After that, I gained a greater appreciation for my own life.
ImageJust me feeding raw meat to a wild hyena.

The “ghosts” of Harar

(Fun fact: Spotted hyenas (above), kill as much as 95% of the food they eat, and have been known to drive off leopards or lionesses from their kills.)


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