Where My Money at?


A boy hustlin’ the streets of Harar.


Ethiopian Escapades – Day 5 – Welcome to the Jungle (Arba Minch)

The view from Paradise Lodge in Arba Minch. I felt like Simba – being hoisted up to survey my kingdom.

View from Paradise Lodge in Arba Minch

These humble dwellings housed us and a mischievous baboon named Clepto.
Paradise Lodge in Arba Minch

Ethiopian Escapades – Day 4 – World’s Largest Monolithic Church (Lalibela)

Dating back to the 12th century, the Church of St. George in Lalibela was carved from solid red volcanic rock and built underground to conceal it from intruders.

Church of St. George in Lalibela

The misses and I playing hide and go seek. She won.

Tourist in Lalibela

The view from our hotel, Tukul Village, which is a modern version of the traditional African thatched huts.

Tukul Village Hotel in Lalibela

An old man resting near the church. His solemn expression still lingers in my mind.

Old Man in Lalibela

Ethiopian Escapades – Day 1 – Meskel Square on Fire (Addis)

Shortly after arriving in Addis, I went to the historic Meskel Square to witness the festival commemorating the discovery of the True Cross, which according to Ethiopian legend, is the cross on which Christ was crucified.

Approximately 200,000 Ethiopians and spectators celebrated the religious holiday by taking part in a candle-lit vigil. Chanting in unison, the crowd anxiously awaited the lighting of the tree. Once lit, the massive bonfire erupted creating a mushroom cloud of smoke.

After the ceremony, the mob poured into a narrow gate on their way out. My friends and I were dragged into the mosh pit and carried along with the crowd. To avoid being trampled to death, we seeped through the mass and waited in a corner until the crowd died down.

Meskel Festival

Guy at Meskel Festival

(Fun fact: The Meskel Festival has been celebrated for over 1,600 years.)