Love Advice From a Taipei Taxi Driver

Taipei Taxi Driver

(Photo courtesy of Taipei Times)

What taxi drivers lack in book smarts, they more than make up for in street smarts. My taxi driver in Taipei shared some invaluable advice on love and life.

Me: Are you off for Chinese New Year?

Driver: Nope, I gotta work everyday.

Me: That must be terrible.

Driver: No, it’s great!

Me: Why is that?

Driver: Don’t have to listen to my wife nag.

Both of us chuckle.

Phone rings.

Driver answers.

Woman yelling in the background.

Driver hangs up.

Driver: That’s my wife. She’s from China. I told her I was with a customer. She doesn’t care – says she’s gonna go back to China. I said, great, at least it will be quiet in the house.

I’ll give you a bit of advice: never marry a Chinese girl.

Second piece of advice for you: Find you a rich girl. That way you only have to work at night. 😉


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