7 Reasons You Should Visit Taiwan

I’ve just returned from my annual trip to Taiwan for Chinese New Year – every time I leave a piece of my heart there. Here are seven reasons you should visit Taiwan and fall in love with it yourself.

1. Child LaborChild Labor in Taiwan

Once the driving force of the Industrial Revolution, child labor has since been outlawed in the U.S. Thankfully Taiwan is keeping this proud tradition alive as children help prepare a plethora of mouthwatering street food. Gosh bless them.

2. Hospitality 
Taiwan Friendship

The Taiwanese are so warmhearted and hospitable that they make the rest of the world look like massive a**holes. I challenge you to find a Taiwanese person that doesn’t have an angelic face and heart of gold. It’s like trying to find a sober Irishman during St. Patrick’s Day.

3. Fashion

Taiwanese FashionWhile New York and Paris might be known as the fashion capitals of the world, Taiwan is setting the fashion world on fire by incorporating bold colors and gaudy jewelry into its signature style. Combine a dash of sass and you’ve got the makings of the next Versace’s of the world.

4. Food
Taiwanese Food
Taiwan CookingTaiwan Restaurant

Food in TaiwanThe word diet doesn’t exist in Taiwan (or at least isn’t practiced). And for good reason. With a veritable cornucopia of scrumptious dishes available, you could eat one new Taiwanese dish everyday for the next 30 years and still not scratch the surface of the country’s prolific culinary offering.

5. NatureTaiwan Nature

The Portuguese called Taiwan, Formosa, which translates to “Beautiful Island.” Blessed with breathtaking beaches, picturesque mountains and crystal clear waters, Taiwan is a hippie’s paradise.  

6. ShoppingTaiwan Night MarketMuch like Walmart in the states, Taiwan’s night markets offer anything you could think of. Hello Kitty iPhone cover, they’ve got it. Vintage Super Mario Bros. video games, they’ve got that too. Skimpy lingerie, they’ve got you covered. It’s a one-stop shop for all your random shopping needs. 

7. Pretty Girls

Pretty Taiwanese GirlsTaiwan arguably has the prettiest girls in Asia, or the world for that matter. I should know, I married the most beautiful one. Don’t worry, ladies. There are plenty of pretty boys for you to feast your eyes on.

Am I missing anything from the list? Tell me about it in the Comments section.