Lighting Up the Neighborhood

Toa Payoh, Singapore, Skyscrapers

Toa Payoh, Singapore


In the Market for some Zaniness?

Every month an outdoor market appears in my neighborhood, drowning the area in techno dance beats and the scent of fried. This, my friends, is the Toa Payoh outdoor market in all its splendor.

Notice the intensity in his eye. Looks like he’s training for the Kebab-making Olympics.
Kebab, Man carving meat

When you see it…Old men watching, men wearing half shirtNothing says get money quite like a fanny pack.
Old woman with fanny pack, chatting

I call this one, The TriceraTop. Man in weird tank top, selling stuff at outdoor market In Singapore, we don’t just extinguish fires we KILL them. Extinguisher in Singapore You heard the man. “Respect the beard.”

Fat Asian boy playing carnival game “You told me you were gonna take me someplace nice.”Couple window shopping at outdoor market

Let’s get ready to rumble!Malay woman preparing street food

Forget the funnel cakes. I’m getting me a Prawn Vadai!
Women selling street food

I’ll just leave you with this one. Enjoy!Sexy cellphone covers