Top 3 Funniest Signs in Singapore

China is infamous for its poorly translated signposts, but Singapore also has its share of funny signs. Check out the following examples.

The first one is from the brilliant minds at Burger King. Their idea of promoting the BK BLK Long Chicken sandwich was to affix a rubber chicken with a mouth resembling a blowup doll next to the text: “It’s crazy-looooong!” “Made to last” and “7-inch buns.” I’d expect this kind of copy in a pop-up male-enhancement ad, not on a fast-food promotion.

Funny Burger King ad

The second one is an under maintenance sign for a urinal that read, “Please don’t shoot me.” I wonder how many guys relieved themselves on that wall before they had to put this sign up.

Funny toilet signs in Singapore

For this final sign, I’m not even going to posit its meaning. If you know, please fill me in.

Funny Signs in Singapore Have you seen any funny signs lately? Tell me about it in the Comments section.


10 thoughts on “Top 3 Funniest Signs in Singapore

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  2. Haha. We noticed several of these when we were there too. I actually go to a dog supply store called Doggystyle. I really only stopped in because the name was funny, so it worked there!

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