A Very Singlish Christmas

What comes to mind when you think of Christmas? Santa, mistletoes or maybe eggnog? How about unicorns and monsoons? Well, that’s how we roll during the Christmas season in Singapore.

Instead of taking family photos nestled around the Christmas tree, we prefer shots with mythological creatures…

IMG_6731…or on a humungous boot…

IMG_6716 copy…and in questionably obscene poses…

IMG_6735 copy

…while wearing makeup fit for ladies of the night.


Even the manliest among us can’t resist snapping a shot of the elusive pink-haired unicorn.


In fact, everyone of us is memorized by the shimmery lights and copious pink balls.

IMG_6660Well, almost everyone.

IMG_6655 copy

For the Grinch knows there’s no enchanting snow awaiting us, just torrential downpours.

So we must scurry to our sacred malls for safety…


and wait for the almighty unicorn and its midnight black magic to rescue us.IMG_6631

And that, boys and girls, is the story of Christmas in Singapore.