Lighting Up the Neighborhood

Toa Payoh, Singapore, Skyscrapers

Toa Payoh, Singapore



With my plans to do an outdoor shoot with the local homeless thwarted by torrential rain, I decided to improvise. So, I spent the day in the newly opened Library@Orchard to capture some shots of the artsy space.

Library@Orchard is unlike any other in Singapore. While most libraries feature clean parallel lines, Library@Orchard utilizes never-ending twists and turns, forming a labyrinth that beckons you to explore further.





Teens studying, Library@OrchardIMG_6774 copy


Light is employed throughout the space to accentuate selected books.

IMG_6788 IMG_6796 copyI was surprised that the staff didn’t interrogate me or tell me to stop. Instead, they showed complete indifference towards my photo-taking.

IMG_6822 IMG_6833

In an ever-connected society like Singapore, teens prefer the tactile sensation of their mobile device to the crisp pages of a book.

IMG_6837Except for this astute scholar whose hair bears a striking resemblance to Cosmo Kramer’s. IMG_6848 copy IMG_6857 copy Appealing to patron’s vanity, the walls are eerily spotless and reflective. IMG_6858

IMG_6803The library’s most singular design element, however, is its floor-to-ceiling windows, offering stunning views of Orchard Road and the surrounding cityscape. IMG_6866