This is What Happens When You Use Long Exposure Photography in a Singaporean Neighborhood (PICS)

Toa Payoh, Singapore at Night

Toa Payoh, Singapore at Night

Streets of Toa Payoh, Singapore at Night

Bus Speeding down the Street at Night in Toa Payoh, Singapore

Ghosts in Toa Payoh, Singapore

Man in Toa Payoh, Singapore at Night

Tree in Toa Payoh, Singapore at Night

Toa Payoh Streets at Night, Singapore

Toa Payoh Streets at Night, Singapore

Toa Payoh, Singapore at Night


Inner Demons

Homeless man in Singapore

Everyday he sat at that same spot,

leaning against the grimy pillar,

avoiding eye contact with passersby.

Despite never making a sound, his presence was always felt.

There was an evident torment in his eyes.

Was it regret? Guilt?

What caused this man such deep anguish?

I shall never know.

Although I do not know what troubles him, I can somehow relate.

For we all have demons buried within us.

Some are just better than others at hiding them.

The Rain Man

Water engulfed the pavement.

Lighting bolts rained down upon him.

The deep boom reverberated off his bones.

Yet to no avail.

He continued pounding the pavement.

The roar of his feet rivaling only that of the mighty thunder.

Man running in the rain in Singapore

Now drenched from head to toe,

he sat down.

With the raging torrent streaming down his face,

he closed his eyes; consumed in the moment.

Man sitting in the rain in Singapore

Finally, he unraveled his legs and lay upon the concrete.

The rain climbed ever higher, seeping into his ears.

Eventually the water had reached his cheeks, grazing his lips

Yet he remained still.

He seemed unfazed despite the imminent danger.

He took a deep breath. And in one last rush, the waves washed over him.

And he vanished.

Man laying on the ground in SingaporeFrom that day forth, every time I gaze at that spot, I see him. I see the Rain Man.

In the Market for some Zaniness?

Every month an outdoor market appears in my neighborhood, drowning the area in techno dance beats and the scent of fried. This, my friends, is the Toa Payoh outdoor market in all its splendor.

Notice the intensity in his eye. Looks like he’s training for the Kebab-making Olympics.
Kebab, Man carving meat

When you see it…Old men watching, men wearing half shirtNothing says get money quite like a fanny pack.
Old woman with fanny pack, chatting

I call this one, The TriceraTop. Man in weird tank top, selling stuff at outdoor market In Singapore, we don’t just extinguish fires we KILL them. Extinguisher in Singapore You heard the man. “Respect the beard.”

Fat Asian boy playing carnival game “You told me you were gonna take me someplace nice.”Couple window shopping at outdoor market

Let’s get ready to rumble!Malay woman preparing street food

Forget the funnel cakes. I’m getting me a Prawn Vadai!
Women selling street food

I’ll just leave you with this one. Enjoy!Sexy cellphone covers

A Very Singlish Christmas

What comes to mind when you think of Christmas? Santa, mistletoes or maybe eggnog? How about unicorns and monsoons? Well, that’s how we roll during the Christmas season in Singapore.

Instead of taking family photos nestled around the Christmas tree, we prefer shots with mythological creatures…

IMG_6731…or on a humungous boot…

IMG_6716 copy…and in questionably obscene poses…

IMG_6735 copy

…while wearing makeup fit for ladies of the night.


Even the manliest among us can’t resist snapping a shot of the elusive pink-haired unicorn.


In fact, everyone of us is memorized by the shimmery lights and copious pink balls.

IMG_6660Well, almost everyone.

IMG_6655 copy

For the Grinch knows there’s no enchanting snow awaiting us, just torrential downpours.

So we must scurry to our sacred malls for safety…


and wait for the almighty unicorn and its midnight black magic to rescue us.IMG_6631

And that, boys and girls, is the story of Christmas in Singapore.