The Last Supper

After a memorable going-away dinner with close friends, it’s time to announce the winners of Joe’s Last Supper Awards. And the winners are…

Best Hair – The Matts ImageBest Facial Expression – KikiImageBest Look of Disgust – Matt Lazare ImageMost Enthusiastic – Daniel & LawrenceImageBest Hand / Claw – Michael ImageMr. Beautiful – Wang YiImageBest WTF Look – Kiki Image
Best Photo Bomb – Matt Largent Chad Springer, Matt Largent

Clothes Off, Pose off of the NightImageBest Threesome – Lawrence, Jessie, & LuciaImageBest Token White Guy – Joe ImageBest Group Mugshot – The Gang / GW3 Image


The Virtues of Adaptability

An eurytopic creature, I’ve been able to survive, and occasionally thrive, in every habitat from the plains of Oklahoma to the wastelands of Beijing by never accepting my limits. Let’s hope I’m able to maintain this unique adaptability in my next move.

Oklahoma Plains