3 Ways to Survive Unemployment

For over two months, I have been part of the sea of faceless entities battling to rejoin the work force. And, after feeling the sting of countless rejections I often ask myself whether I made the right decision to come to Singapore without securing a job beforehand. But despite the occasional tumble, I remain steadfast in my resolution knowing that my move was calculated and spurred by two things – love and health – and at the end of the day what is more important than either of those.   

Meanwhile, I try to remain upbeat and utilize my downtime to learn new skills and software that will hopefully give me an edge against the army of applicants I’ll be going head-to-head with. I have even transformed the bedroom of my apartment into a fully functional office, dual-monitor setup and all.

I’m also constantly reminded by friends that I should cherish my copious amount of spare time because it will vanish once I find a full-time job. So I’ve taken those words to heart and try to take a break from sending out résumés by taking a dip in the nearby pool, thus maintaining my physical and mental health.

I’ve also found solace in discussing my obstacles with friends and family. When you have a dedicated team backing you, suddenly you see things from a different view and are able to harness their collective power.  

So to survive unemployment – learn something new, take a break, and talk it out.