The Rain Man

Water engulfed the pavement.

Lighting bolts rained down upon him.

The deep boom reverberated off his bones.

Yet to no avail.

He continued pounding the pavement.

The roar of his feet rivaling only that of the mighty thunder.

Man running in the rain in Singapore

Now drenched from head to toe,

he sat down.

With the raging torrent streaming down his face,

he closed his eyes; consumed in the moment.

Man sitting in the rain in Singapore

Finally, he unraveled his legs and lay upon the concrete.

The rain climbed ever higher, seeping into his ears.

Eventually the water had reached his cheeks, grazing his lips

Yet he remained still.

He seemed unfazed despite the imminent danger.

He took a deep breath. And in one last rush, the waves washed over him.

And he vanished.

Man laying on the ground in SingaporeFrom that day forth, every time I gaze at that spot, I see him. I see the Rain Man.


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