Where’s the money at?

I have always wondered who can afford the ultra-luxury vehicles zipping along the streets of Singapore. Is it the CEOs of major multinationals? Or maybe the top engineers or lawyers? While the aforementioned groups may have enough to purchase those cars, it’s often those you would never expect.

Today I saw a middle-aged woman wearing stained t-shirt and shorts, a fanny pack, and a pair of tattered Crocs get out of a new high-end Mercedes-Benz. She was carrying a large water bottle and walking along a row of hawker stalls near my house. She entered one of the stalls, placed her water bottle down and turned on the lights. This unassuming owner of a $200k Mercedes-Benz was also the proud owner of a chicken rice food stall.

I began to think that the countless hours sitting in a classroom listening to a professor drone on about European art and other non-useful subjects was an utter waste of time. Instead, we should have been taught entrepreneurship. That’s where the money is at – not slaving away at a corporate job hoping to get even the tiniest sliver of the company’s profits. Why settle for the scraps when you can get the whole pie by owning your own business?


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