Ethiopian Escapades – Day 6 – Hungry Hungry Hippos & Crocs

Lake Chamo in Arba Minch is home to thousands of crocodiles up to 18 ft (5.5 m) long and weighing in excess of 1,100 lbs (500 kg). We were fortunate enough to get within a few feet of these kings of the lake without becoming an afternoon snack.
Growing up in Florida, I’ve seen my fair share of over-sized birds in the form of pelicans, but I had yet to witness any fowl that could gobble up a few babies in one swift swoop – that is until I got to Ethiopia.
Zebras – the red-headed stepchildren of the Equidae family.
This rambunctious troop of baboons appeared suddenly in the road. After arriving first to the scene, the alpha male was shortly followed by a clan of more than 30 primates.


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