Men’s Health Unofficial Spokesperson

Last night while running, I came across the staff of Men’s Health Magazine preparing for their weekly “Night Race” throughout Beijing. As an avid runner and competitor, I asked to join the race and thus became an unofficial spokesperson for the magazine.

Narrowly dodging cars and people, I felt like I was in a real-life game of Frogger as I navigated the crowded streets. A symphony of honking and sneakers slapping the pavement created a fitting soundtrack and a much-needed boost of energy. Throughout the race, I remained in the lead pack, and was able to edge out the other competitors in the final moments to secure a first-place finish.

The only casualty was my earphones which were clipped by the rearview mirror of an ongoing car and ripped from my ears.

After the race, we all congressed at a small restaurant nestled in a dimly lit hutong, where we feasted on spicy cuisine and shared stories about the battle.


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