Rare Words and Friends

Bobby has never been verecund. From an early age, his sybaritic lifestyle and gift for collocation garnered him much éclat. But as his popularity grew so did his self-indulgence. Now in his mid-20s, Bobby is at the pinnacle of his industry but is hindered by an ego that grows like an enlarged myoma. Only time will tell whether he will continue his current success or stumble down a destructive path.

The following piece is not encomia, but an accurate account of my experience with Skyler. Breaking free of his primordial sepulcher, Skyler has been shattering stereotypes with his photographic artistry and boldness. The young starveling ravenously craves affection and creative growth. His emotionally charged works have been considered a tinderbox that have ignited the art world. Always looking towards the future, he is true neoteric who will continue to be the voice and spirit of a new generation.

Rakish appearance adorned with a vulpine smile, Ryan’s looks and charm have wooed women around the world. On one occasion, a women completely infatuated with Ryan staged a dharna until Ryan agreed to go on a date with her. When later asked why he agreed to the woman’s demands, he simply smirked and said “I admire her gung-ho spirit”. The constant hustler, Ryan is not above jobbery. But if his jury consists of a majority of females, he is guaranteed to be acquitted of any charges.

Not a homosexual, but a fan of homographs Devin just can’t bear his love for bear hugs. He doesn’t hit the hard stuff but has been seen lolloping after sipping on a Snapple. Considered concupiscible by those in the greater Choctaw area, he is fane to grant the request of local women without any reservations regarding age or girth. After serving the masses, he enjoys a ham sandwich with no crust and a side of offal.

It would be a bald-faced mendacity if I didn’t admit I was enamored with Cassidy from the get-go. Her self-sufficiency and the way she cavorted among the classroom caused a rapid pulsation among me. However, in order to remain impeccant, I chose not to transgress and rather admire from afar.


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